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Betty Dion

Betty Dion, the artist

Betty's painting style creates a lively pageantry of colourful watercolours, pastels and works on silk.

In harmony with her exuberance for life and adventure, she delights in combining the looseness of free line work with the complexity of achieving balance and harmony. "Each painting I do is built upon previous attempts and techniques used to try to catch a moment in time, a magic touch of light, or a unique colour combination."

Betty captures the rhythm of forms and space through her fluid brush techniques and her expansive use of white space. We are drawn to the essence of form especially where we are invited to see its flowing movement.

Appreciation for the importance of a fine brush stroke can be attributed to studies with Tomoko Kadoma. Excitement about the possibilities of unpredictable movement of pigment on a sheet of wet paper can be attributed to studies with Barbara Nechis in Alaska and striving for a stronger voice from workshops with Robert Genn.

Using the painterly style of wet-on-wet watercolour or blended pastels, Betty presents us with a unique look at a variety of different subjects. Betty is inspired by visions from her travels from a haute couture dress in a Paris window, to the midnight shadows on the mountains in Iceland, to the ever-changing light on mountains on the northwest coast of Canada.

Betty is an associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the Ottawa Mixed Media Association, Ottawa Watercolour Society and Sedona Arts Center.